We kindly request before asking the question. support to read this FAQ, where you are likely to find answers to your questions
Why do I have such status in deposit/withdraw?
Status - "Error" -> This may indicate that you completely close the profile and steam equipment in the customer's of setting up,either you haven't specified a reference to the trade link.
Status - "Awaiting confirmation" -> If you send a stall at this status, there is no need to panic and hysteria breeding chatting. This happens when there are problems with the STEAM the API, but if this happens, then simply email the administrator, or our mail.
I did not come all the items after the victory!
With each game we take a commission of 10% without the name of the site in their names, and 5% with the name of the site in their names. In the history of the site there is a switch that allows you to see which items were in commission.
I did not come to win!
Sending items may take up to 60 minutes (depending on the workload and the work Steam bots). In addition to the history, you can see the status of sent items. If you send the status is listed as "Can not send", then write to us, we will gladly help to solve this problem. If you send the status is listed as "Resubmit", this means that the robot can not send you the items, we recommend you check out their link to the trade offer.
I came empty trade, please send again!
In Steam you can not send an empty trade, you can try and verify this. If you come empty trade, it means that with Steam is now Immersed problem, we're not, we have nothing. Once Steam from the situation will improve, you will be able to update the page with exchanges and get all the items.
I have an error 50 or some other!
50 Error when sending things. It indicates that you are logged anywhere else, although it may occur out of the blue. To eliminate the error, try to cancel all outgoing trades and send it again, because the incentive limit to 5 trades 1 person. Also, try to re-login to the client and the browser and out of accounts on all your devices. If the problem persists, try to place a bet via the client, rather than through a browser. If the error is still bothering you, just have to wait. Usually it passes itself.
I put the thing, but the price differs from the price of the steam
Due to the poor performance of the system in determining the price steam, we will uses its own analog, which determines the average price for all goods sold. The prices of the items can not vary significantly. Also please note that the price is for definition lots sold, rather than exposed.
I put the thing, the boat took the trade, but the subject was not included in the game
On our site we have completely eliminated this possibility, all submitted items will be accepted and added to the game. Also in cases where the error was made by the staff (to restart the bot when receiving items). If the same problem still occurred, please contact us and we will solve it as soon as possible. Due to the increasing incidence of fraud, immediately warned that every such case we parse individulno and check all the information (check the availability of the exchange, whether he was in the game, compare nicknames, avatars and steamId). It is better not even try to get a permanent ban on the website.
I had the maximum percentage, but I lost as well?
This roulette and it is largely based on luck, the odds of winning have anyone putting more you increase the chances of your winning, but do not guarantee its

Why should I trust you?
At the very beginning of a round the Service generates a random long number from 0 to 1 (e.g. 0.282796734) and encrypts it through the md5 algorithm. The result is displayed at the beginning of a round.

At the end of the round the Service multiplies the number by the general number of all tickets thus getting the number of a winner.

An example: At the end of a round the general deposit is 1000$ (there are 100000 tickets in the game), a generated number was 0.282796734. The Service multiplies the number 0.282796734 by 100000 thus getting the number of a winner 28279 that is being displayed at the moment of a raffle.

A Fair Game Principle: we can’t know a tickets number that is displayed at the end of a round in advance and the multiplied random number is generated at the very beginning of a game. That is why we have no opportunity to influence the results of a raffle.

We are therefore better than other sites, because our principled position is honesty and openness. But those who doubt , we have a special calculator and page "What is Fair Play" , or you hire a programmer, he will count everything manually.
Checking fair play