Double Game

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How to play?

What is DoubleGame in CS:GO mode?

Here is the Double Game! This is a very interesting and simple mode in csgo.

Double Game essentially simulates a simplified version of the world famous Russian roulette.

In most roulette numbers 15 7 red, 7 black and 0, it is green. Each round, the system picks a random number.

The task is very simple: make a bet on the color, which, in your opinion, will fall. In case of victory at stake on red or black will win twice your bet, and a roll of the green 14 times. If you have not guessed color - Points burn.

The bet is very simple. In the box to the right enter the size of the bet in points, then below click on the color that we want to deliver and the bet will be accepted immediately, and the figure will change and will tell you the size of bets on the button itself. Buttons on the field to enter the amount used to quickly change the size of the bet, it is very convenient when youre playing for a large sum. All systems will calculate for you. Just below the buttons for betting is a sequence of numbers and the latter dropped their color. It is important to take into account that the numbers appear right to left, rather than vice versa. Minimum bet 1 point, you can put a few times in one game, and you can put as a single color or combined bets, such as red and green, or all colors at once. His balance, you can see in the upper right corner of the screen, you can top up your balance in the tab Deposit, and the exchange of points on the Skins tab Withdraw. Course 1$=1000 points.

Good luck!

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