Crash Game

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How to play?

What is CrashGame in CS:GO mode?

We are pleased to introduce the new regime Crash Game! To win in this mode, you need intuition, and of course, a little luck and increase your inventory in csgo

Referring to the interface mode.

The graph shows the line and the number is a multiplier of your bet. Factor begins with the number 1 and can grow in an infinite number of times. Sooner or later, the number of stops growing, showing the total value.

Your task is very simple: you have to write the number above which, in your opinion, will rise on the graph line. If the number on the chart longer the hidden you - you win, and all of your Points are multiplied by the unknown number of you, if the number is less than the fact that you have written - Points burn.

So how do you make a bet?

On the right side you have two fields: "Rate" and "The number to withdraw". In field "bet" You specify the desired size of the bet in points. In field "number to withdraw" You enter the number above which you think will rise in the graph line. Once you have entered all the necessary data, click on the button "put" and the bet will be accepted immediately. Round starts automatically with an interval of 10 seconds. points The course is the same as for Double Game: 1$=1000 points. Swap items on the Points tab you can "Deposit". Take any items from the CS:GO in cost from $ 0.10. Redeem Points on the skins can be in the tab "Withdraw".

Good luck!

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Winston Churchill *****.com
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