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Battlego.net - website dedicated to the drawing of things Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

How does the drawing of items?

All participants are making skins of CS: GO in service. When recruited the required number of subjects or pass the allotted time on the game, the system randomly selects a winner who takes all things. Most wins, who added the more expensive items.

How to play?

Its pretty simple:
  1. You make a deposit in their skins.
  2. The system charges you an amount equivalent to the cost of the items. For example: if the sum of your item will be $ 0.01, you will receive $ 0.01 in the system. And with skins for $ 10, you get $ 10 in the system. And so on.
  3. When the threshold of 20 players or after the time we collect all bets and randomly select one winner. Chance to win the player with the most points is higher than the other. Winner-take-all lottery items, net commission system.
The principle is simple

The larger and more expensive items you bet, the more chance to hit the jackpot! But even putting the minimum amount, you have the opportunity to receive all of the items!

Rules and Features:

  1. The game ends after one and a half minutes, or at a set of 20+ players.
  2. The addition of objects in the game generally ranges from 5 to 30 seconds. In rare cases, things can be added for longer because of the large players in the queue or due to lags Steam System.
  3. Issuing the win instantly, automatically. If you did not receive a prize for 5 minutes: Check if you entered a reference to the exchange, whether your inventory publicly available for viewing and you have not exceeded the limit if Steam 1,000 items in inventory.
  4. If your inventory is hidden or you entered the wrong link on an exchange, in an hour you can fix it yourself or with the help of technical support. We will try to send the winning consistently within the allotted time.
  5. If you do not pick up the win in the next 48 hours, it will be canceled and will not be subject to refund. It is necessary that inventories bots are not clogged.
  6. Every time login to the site through Steam, you agree to the terms of use site.
  7. We accept things just for CS: GO, other items will be accepted but will not be counted at the site.
  8. Commission system varies from 5 to 10 percent depending on the winnings and bonuses.
  9. If you put in for 60 seconds before the end of the match, then there is a possibility that your skins get to the next game. We assume no responsibility for it: Steam passes things do not instantly. (Rate of exchange shall be the time of receipt to the bot)
  10. In case of cancellation of the exchange, before the bot it will take, we do not assume any responsibility for the consequences, because all further work depends on Steam. Canceling exchange, you assume full responsibility for the subsequent events.
  11. To play roulette you need to be sure to connect mobile authenticator and switch trade confirmation. After activation must elapse of 7 days. Otherwise, the bot will not accept exchange.
  12. We reserve the right to expel win random items is equivalent to the amount of winnings, if the prize was not delivered on time.
  13. We guarantee full confidentiality of your data, except those that are in the public domain.
  14. Our service is not a game of chance and consists of a lottery. Word "roulette" title and description of our service is used solely as a more common and frequently used name among users.
  15. In the event of an error (bug) on the site, the user agrees to report it to the administration. If this rule was ignored and the user continued to exploit the vulnerability, the administration reserves the right to block the user, and all winnings obtained dishonestly withdrawn.

Rules of communication and chatting on the site as a whole.

On our site you can find the chat and talk to him on any subject, but keeping a number of specific rules:

  1. The chat is prohibited mats and insults in any form.
  2. The chat is forbidden to post links and third-party advertising resource.
  3. The chat is forbidden to write Cupsaw.
  4. In the chat prohibits any messages with requests to give / donate / return items.
  5. Prohibits any insults, provocation and bad reviews in the site address administration and players.
  6. Do not impersonate an administrator or moderator of service.
  7. Reports of backspin, rigged and etc in any form, will be ruthlessly deleted, and users will be alerted in case of violation of this rule again on 10 minutes, then 6 hours before the temporary ban will be issued for a period.
  8. If you lose, then attempts to accuse the administration/moderators of this site - ban.
  9. Before you want to blame something the administration site, leave it a reasoned proof and for slander and false accusations towards the staff of the site - ban.
  10. We do not return items, if you cheated, or you have lost them. In an attempt to disrupt this point - ban.
  11. We do not return items in the event that if you make a deposit and picked up a certain amount, and you want to get your items to bypass the anti-trade system.
  12. Posts agitating members are prohibited to play on other sites.
  13. Prohibited messages calling for users to enter your referral code, except when another user himself asked for the code. Also indirectly or directly calling members are prohibited messages to ask for your code.
  14. Repeated violation of the user, the rules of chat, the administration the right to issue a permanent chat or a permanent ban on the website.
  15. In case of violation of the above rules, the administration the right to use one of the following penalties on the administrators discretion: a warning, temporary blocking, permanent blocking of chat, a complete lock on the website.
  16. The administration reserves the right to delete any messages, chat to clean and block any user without explanation.
  17. The site does not return items from the commission to the player - it's not in the rules of such sites. Such questions will be ignored. If you want to give less items to the commission, then just write our site in your nickname steam, then the commission will be only 5%
  18. Administration of this site does not interfere with the game players in the process. We are categorically against fraud on the site and conduct only fair gaming policy.
  19. We accept no liability for the players on the site. If you lose or you cheated, then we do not refund for these items, because you are logged in and automatically agree to our terms and conditions. - If you do not agree, then read 18 rule.
  20. Any false accusations, slander, insults, and the like - ban forever!!! Even if you do not agree with site rules. - reset profile,mute and ban forever!!!
Checking fair play