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How to play? - Fair roulette for your jackpot CS:GO

This is a roulette of skins Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which the participants make bets with items from CS:GO. When a certain maximum of players is reached or after the time elapses, a winner is chosen randomly among all the participants, who takes all the items delivered, minus the site commission at a rate of 10% (5% with the name of the site in Steam). The probability of winning in the lottery depends on the amount of entries, the larger the amount relative to other bets, the higher the probability of winning and the jackpot. But since this is a roulette table, every participant has contributed chances to win. Nice game!

Counter-Strike Fans: Global Offensive - just lucky. They have the opportunity to receive a very cool unique skins. However, it is quite difficult to do in the game. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on things, an excellent choice would be our roulette CS:GO. Here you can try your luck and going make really valuable prize.

How to bet on

A unique weapon - a dream of a plurality of gamers. To get it from us, you do not need any experience or a lot of money. A little bit of luck - and the jackpot is in your pocket!
Roulette bet allows CS GO is very simple. To do this, you need to perform several actions:
• Log in using your Steam-account:
• Make a deposit. Recall that the cs bets on lottery CS:GO 0.01$. However, the greater will be your deposit, the more chances to be a happy winner:
• Each participant issued tickets. The more, the higher the chances of winning. 1 ticket - a 1 cent:
• When reached the mark of 100 skins or expire 1 minutes - one winner will be selected:
• lucky guy gets all the skins, which are delivered in a round:
Thus, the rate things CS:GO Roulette allows incredibly easy. Everyone can participate in the draw and will receive an expensive weapon.

Roulette Benefits skins

Doubt, to play or not to play? Select only you! We can only tell you why you should choose our roulette:
• Only a fair draw betting. The winner is determined automatic system:
• Commission, which is taken from the winner, very small - only 10%. She goes out to develop our happy project:
• Anyone can make a bet, because the minimum deposit - only 0.01$:
• Maximum deposit is 20 skins:
• If our user adds to his nick name of our site «», will get bonus to commission! -5% from winning bets:
• Online referral system operates. Bring your friends and have the money.
• A unique system of referrals, share promotional codes of your friends, and going they in turn will receive a small amount that can be spent on the purchase of skins in the store. Try your luck at best fair lottery! Luck always smile for you CS GO jackpot!

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